Jimbaran Bay is located directly to the south of the airport on the western side of south Bali. Still a local fishing village on the northern end complete with painted wooden outriggers and a fish market. This section of Jimbaran Bay is Kedongan. The southern part of the bay has developed into a luxury accommodation area with 3 large hotels, which are the Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, Intercontinental and the Ritz Carlton.

Getting there:
From the airport Jimbaran is a 5 minute drive via Bypass Ngurah Rai, perfect for people coming off of a long flight. For those staying in Kuta, the good beach at Jimbaran and lack of aggressive beach vendors. From Kuta you can take a taxi to Jimbaran for around 25,000rp, driving time 10 minutes, again using the Bypass.

Getting around:
Taxis patrol the areas in front of the main hotels along Jl. Uluwatu. Your hotel will be able to call a Bluebird taxi for you (0361) 701111. However, Bluebird taxis are not allowed to do pick ups at the seafood warungs in the evening. They can drop off and wait and they can pick up on the main street.


  • Puri Indra Prath
Located on Jl. Uluwatu. A real budget place that offers price saving over quality. Rooms come with a choice of fan or AC. You are looking at somewhere around 140,000rp-240,000rp for a room.

  • Villa Batu
Located close to the beach in Jimbaran, simples rooms inside a compound. It is possible to join 2 rooms together and 2 villas on the property have a kitchen and small pool. Fan or AC rooms available, with a higher price for the villas. Rooms go for around 200,000-350,000rp depending on the season.

  • Puri Bumbu
Located in north Jimbaran just 3 minutes from the beach. Mid-range place with 48 AC rooms, Puri Bumbu has internet access, pool and attractive gardens. Standard room $50 Superior room $60.




  • Netayan Jimbaran (Jimbaran Ocean Cottage)
Located The most affordable accommodation in a beach front setting. Guest style place with fan and cold water showers. There are also AC rooms and a suite with kitchen, ideal for a family. Rooms range from 180,000rp, 260,000rp, 500,000rp depending on the season.

  • Bali Intercontinental Resort
Luxury hotel on a grand scale with plenty of Balinese artwork.

  • Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay
Located at th very southern end of Jimbaran Bay ascending to the Bukit coastline. This hotel has been rated the world’s best resort.

  • Ritz Carlton
Located bit further into the Bukit from Jimbaran. Luxury hotel famous for its spa.


  • Local market
Jl. Uluwatu is the main local street that runs north-south through Jimbaran. There is a local fruit and veg market about 1km north of the Intercontinental hotel. Slightly north of there are 3 important local temples, Pura Ulunsiwi and Pura Desa and Pura Puseh. One can often observe temple ceremonies, which can include funeral processions and other colorful events.

  • Night time fish on the beach
Enjoying a seafood bbq on the beach at Jimbaran is one of the highlights of this area. On a warm evening you can sit on the sand at a table, listening to the strolling band and have fresh grilled fish served with potatoes, rice and vegetables. Each seafood warung on Jimbaran beach has its own fish stall out front, where you choose your fish. Snapper, lobster, prawns, squid etc. are all there and are priced by the kilo. Tips for your fish dinner at Jimbaran include waiting until other customers have left to bargain. Offer 50% of the asking price for fish and you’ll get it. If you don’t get the price you want move to the warung next door and offer the same. Arrange your fish before sitting down and ordering drinks.

  • Jenggala gallery
Jenggala gallery has ceramic pottery and is one of the better galleries in Bali. There are often evening showings, with complimentary wine and snacks, which can make for an enjoyable event.

Advantages of staying in Jimbaran:
The advantages of staying in Jimbaran are travel time from the airport, quality of accommodation, access to a good beach, access to a real Balinese village, access to the Bukit peninsula.

Disadvantages of staying in Jimbaran:
The disadvantages of staying in Jimbaran are you need transport to access the shopping, restaurants and nightlife of Kuta / Seminyak. Some of the accommodation in Jimbaran is quite expensive also.