Green Bali beach: Bukit peninsula Bali

greenball072805v2.jpgMy Pocari and orange was 5,000rp and while sitting, the locals, who had no business at all wandered over to try to sell necklaces to me, asking price 5,000rp. Not buying, but chatting, I got along with them fine and they looked after my helmet while I descended the cement stairs down to Green Ball beach. Overlooking the beach I got a lovely view, the turquoise water leading to the edge of the reef where waves were breaking. I’m no expert but it seemed like high tide descending into low tide, not a single surfer in the water although there were waves. One thing about Bali is that in July the wind picks up, there is a distinct weather change and mornings and nights are cooler. The winds can spoil the surfing if it’s too strong.

Down at the bottom of the stairs and beach about 50 meters long of golden sand awaited. There were 2 tourists and a couple of local guys (who seemed in love with each other) followed me down. The short beach quickly turns into reef, but at high tide you’ll be able to swim. The great thing about Green Ball is the lack of other people, no beach vendors, tour groups.

There was a small cave on the beach and although the Bukit is a limestone plateau, lava cliffs come down to meet the ocean. There is no charge for parking at Green Ball and for a couple seeking an afternoon on the beach with a degree of privacy, this place would work. The steps take about 5 minutes to descend, and you will have no trouble even with kids if you are healthy.




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