Evening with friends in Jimbaran Bali

I spent most of today in Global Xtreme's wonderful internet cafe out on Jalan Kerobokan handling e-mail and drinking their large, strong, Bali coffees (I recommend you come out here just for those).

I knew Ron and Tina were still exploring the mountains on their motorbike and would arrive sometime today. They called me on the mobile at around 4pm and I shot over to their hotel in Seminyak. Our riding buddy Mick was working but invited us ’round to his pad for a swim. I chucked 2 large beers into my backpack and we all rode over. Mick has a sweet situation, his company pays for his villa with staff and his maid lives on site. The pool is small but sits in a very elegant little area right outside his living room. It was great to cool off for a while. This swimming lark is becoming a habit.

Mick arrived at 5pm and joined us for a while. He organised some of our friends to meet us in Jimbaran at the beach and Mick drove us all in his company van. A friend of his from Australia had used the van the day before to haul a sack of prawns and Mick was still trying to get rid of the smell. I was glad I didn’t have to ride so it wasn’t a problem for me.

I sms’d BootsnAll member Bill to join us and he was still in Kuta (it’s a regular little community down here).




We arrived slightly after sunset and Maurice (bamboo house) and Jamie (Mick’s prawn friend) were already waiting at a table. We choose some pink and white snappers, squid and prawns and ordered drinks. The great thing about Jimbaran is the unique location and just sitting out there on the sand you have something different from inside a restaurant.

Mick’s girlfriend, the lovely Jasmine, arrived sometime later and we ordered her her own fish, which she kindly shared with me.

Jamie has a cool job he told us about. He works as an engineer in Equatorial Guinea (West Central Africa) and works 5 weeks on, 5 weeks off. His company buys him a RTW air ticket every 5 weeks and he gets to travel almost anywhere he wants. He’s climbed 6 of the ‘7 summits’ (highest peaks on each of the continents). A very modest and cool guy. For me it makes such a difference to meet people who don’t have to toot their own horn (and there are plenty of folks out here who do).

Back at my house we talked about travel and Bali and Santa Barbara where we knew each other from. I’m lucky to get visits from so many interesting and motivated travelers and, of course, to be here in the first place.