Enter the dragon: Komodo Indonesia

Most kids love pets and in western countries we’re talking about cats & dogs. Here in Indonesia the wildlife is a bit more diverse and sometime doesn’t take to the young ones as expected. As the China Post reports, one unlucky lad got too close to a Komodo dragon.

Komodo dragons are the world’s largest lizards (though some Seminyak expats could give them a run for their money) and possess razor sharp teeth. Their mouths are a bacteria pit, containing more than 60 different disease inducing nasties (sounds like my ex-girlfriend). Deer and other mammals are prey to this creature and after one vicious bite, nature and the humid climate take care of the rest.

On this occasion the 3 meter, 166kg gecko ambushed the little lad in the dunny, giving him no chance. Villagers on Komodo report the lizards are usually okay. Komodo island is the place to see the dragons in their natural habitat. If you want to visit the national park there you’ll have to go via Flores or Timor, since there is no airport / accommodation on Komodo.