Driving back from Lovina Bali

This morning we devoured our complimentary breakfast ( I had coffee, juice, freedom toast, omelette ) and decided the best strategy for today. Mick had to work at 12 noon and I wanted to get some work done. Ron and Tina are on vacation and I thought it would be great for them to have privacy to enjoy their time here. Mick showed Ron the route home.

Mick took off around 9am and I stayed for another ocean swim before checking out and riding into Lovina with Ron and Tina. We changed money and they learned firsthand the intricacies of the Balinese system for US currency ( NO 1996 bills and a different rate for denominations of 100, 500, 20).

My ride home was basically a straight shot on the map although there’s nothing straight about roads in Bali, I did more switchbacks than most people do in a month. My route took me through small villages and a variety of interesting locals ( I tried not to literally go through the locals ). Along one section of the road I passed what I thought was a juice stand. I pulled over to discover these ladies were selling passion fruit.

Clearing the top of the mountains I could make out the coast in the distance and admired the view for a moment. Swinging down to lower elevations the cloud layer burns off and the temperatures return to their normal 90f.

Mick had been giving me tips on cornering ( basically line it up, do my braking then let myself go through the turn ). Sounds easy but here in Bali there are so many unexpected things around that blind corner that letting it go seems hard right now. I navigated the route without a map ( hear that, Sean?! ) and enjoyed sections where I could cruise and take a peak at the place I was riding through. I kept saying to myself ‘can you believe you are riding a motorcycle across Bali?’ No major mishaps and I rode through Denpasar to Kerobokan back to Seminyak.




First stop was the bathroom, second stop Ryoshi Japanese restaurant in Legian for some green tea to wash the pollutants out.

Ron and Tina should be in Ubud tonight after riding to My Batur. I’ll see them tomorrow.

I really enjoyed the company of Mick, Tina and Ron and feel lucky to be able to take such trips.

I think this was another example of how effective exploring by motorcycle can be and what an excellent guide Mick is. He got us discount rates at the hotel and for Ron and Tina, who have such a short time here, they were jump started into an adventure almost immediately.

I did mention before that Mick does interest specific tours of Bali ( surfing, fishing, golf etc ) with his company Indo Bike Adventures.

It was a great time and good to be home.