Downpour in Kuta, Bali

This evening I worked at Internet Outpost on Poppies II for a while then visited our friends at Taman Sari for dinner.

Putu and Putra were working and he was doing his normal smiling and smirking at me while he was reading the specials to other customers.

I ordered a sirloin steak for 21,000rp.

I visited a place on Jalan Legian called Sandpiper that sells pants and shirts, I tried on a long sleeve shirt but it had a funky collar so I passed.

Stroling down Jl. Legian I hit the Bounty Bar which is in the model of a huge ship. Can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. The place was largely empty at 10.30pm but the 3 person band was already cranking out there list of favourites.




After 30 minutes the skies opened and also the ceiling. Rain was lashing outside and the staff placed plastic containers on the bar to catch the stream of water that had started.

I drank my beer and left, thanking myself I had my waterproof jacket.

The bike was up the street outside Sandpiper and was sitting in a foot of water. I had to be careful as there are holes on the sidewalk where missing paving slabs are. Reaching the bike safely I rode down Jl. Legian and it felt like I was riding a jetski, the water spraying off both sides. After Poppies II the water had drained and I was back to asphalt.

I took Poppies II to Pantai Kuta, the beach road and rode home.