Day after Nyepi in Bali

The day after Nyepi was strange for me. The weather was changeable with some wet season like showers and thunder clouds overhead. Add to this periods of bright sunshine.

Poppies Lane was semi deserted as was Jl. Legian with many stores shut and locals off in their villages.

My 2 favourite internet cafes, Global Xtreme in Kerobokan and Internet Outpost on Poppies II were open and were packed. I couldn’t get a machine at I/O and there was a waiting list.




Lunch today was a left over piece of chicken from the day before, toast and Vegemite. I found this little guy on our front door but wasn’t feeling like any more meat so I left him there.

I got a call from Timmy Matherson an American surfer who has just arrived. I was unable to contact at his hotel after trying several times and hope to see him before he leaves.