Captain Haddocks, Benesari, Kuta

I arrived downtown and took the bypass from Jl. Kerobokan / Seminyak to Kuta. This road is less stress than Jl Legian as there is less coming at you from the side. It fires you into the one way system that Jl.Legian turns into heading south in Legian. I took the Jl. Benesari side road and swung by Captain Haddocks to see if Aramdi had visited. The number I had for her in my Palm Pilot was wrong and I wanted the right one.

Captain Haddocks has several ladies working as waitresses and during the day they seem engaged in activities designed to pass the time. When I arrived Putu (one of many) and Sri were drawing.

On the table was a soup-like offering and Putu said it helps when you are stressed to have this on the table.

I ordered a watermelon juice and observed the process that Sri was using.




It turned out pretty good and she seemed quite pleased with her effort.

I managed to get Armadi on the phone and left a CD ROM for her to pick up containing the wedding photos from last week and other stuff.

Here at I/O Ika is working and the familiar Latin acapella tunes are playing.

We’ll see if Made has got the other kind of juice waiting for me at home later.