Bombs in Bali

This post is coming live and direct from Jl. Pantai Kuta Bali. This cafe is about 200 meters from the site of the Saturday night bombing at Raja’s Cafe. There were 3 bombs that hit Bali tonight, 2 in Jimbaran and 1 in Kuta at Raja's restaurant in Kuta Square.

I met a friend, Andy Walker, today at the airport and said 'Welcome to Bali'. After some Indonesian food and chatting with Ika, we went to JP's Warung on Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak for some microbrew beers. After about 30 minutes a young Italian guy ran in and started shouting about a bomb in Jimbaran. He said it sounded like a wave crashing. Andy and I continued chatting and I started getting sms’s from people, realizing there was a problem.

Walking back to my house I had a eerie 'something is going on' feeling and the Balinese guys in my alley told me there were 6 bombs, scattered from Nusa Dua, the Four Seasons Jimbaran, to Kuta. Arriving at home I woke a peaceful Ika sleeping with Jevon and told her the news. A smart person would stay in the house, but I decidecd to explore, and rode my bike down to Kuta.

At the bottom of the loop on Jl. Legian the cops had the street blocked off. It seemed as though everyone in Bali wanted to see the bombing and the street was full of people. Iwalked to the beach via Jl. Benesari and then down to Kuta Square. I had heard Hard Rock Hotel was hit, a logical choice for me, but actually it wasn't. Still people were out partying, drinking and having a good time, although the locals were sitting at the side of the road checking theri cell phones.




At Kuta Square I peered over the police tape to see an ambulance and some glass. The Raja's sign was still intact, giving me the impression the blast had been small. Its amazing how global media is right now. While i was walking down Pantai Kuta my brother Chris called me from England to tell me exactly where the bombs went off. I headed straight there.

Well its 11.16pm now and I am going to look for a bar with Premiership football. Please tell Andy Walker's wife he's okay.

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