Blogging/hanging out at Internet Outpost

Nick and I are sitting in Internet Outpost and it is about 8:00 p.m. here. There are a variety of folks hanging around….

James: thirtysomething year old Linux loving Yank, sharing a few details about his trip to Lombok today. He took a boat to Lombok today and flew back just now. He described the island as extremely poverty stricken.

Yeane: Ben (see below) the surfers girlfriend. She is originally from Java. She smiles alot, giggles, and is learning Spanish.

Nick: Blogging/working on a content project across from me….starting to ask James about his experiences with Japan. James shares willingly.

Ben (Aussie with dreads): sitting next to me and talking about some shopping that he and Yeane did. They got a bunch of clothes that were really cheap and nice today. He seems pretty stoked




Endah: She works here, I was interviewing her earlier this evening, but it got busy so we will continue another time….she is currently pouring Nick and I a beer.

A German Dude – I said “hi” and he said “hallo” back to me.

Jeff – 50 something year old dude from Massachusetts. He and his wife arrived on Sunday for a month. They are shopping to fill up a container of goods. They do faires on the east coast and are semi-retired.

Someone else is behind me on the phone. James is munching on some Cheetos “Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight” is playing of the stereo system.