Benny's Cafe Happy Hour in Bali

Tuesday evening we met Jason and Mark ( antique dealer from New Jersey ) at Spaghetti Jazz on Jalan Seminyak near the Bintang supermarket. We needed to buy another phone card from the place outside and I was also searching for a natural oil that Janice had showed me that keep the mosquitoes ( nyamuks ) away.

Right now were assaulting our systems with chemicals, we burn coils in the room, nuke the bathroom with a DEET spray and add another type to our feet. Would be nice to find an alternative method.

Anyway Jason decided to go surfing as the swells were big and Mark suggested we move on to Benny’s at the beach to watch all the other whities watching the sunset.

Mark took his scooter and Sean & I walked for about 10 minutes. We passed small groups of guys playing soccer and there were others out in the waves surfing.




We found a table at this popular spot and while Sean & Mark chatted over a couple of papaya juices I did snapped a few pictures….the view was breathtaking!

Mark told stories of leading New Yorkers on trips to Indonesia in search of expensive antiques and how East Coast business attitudes can clash with the third world. He told of one lady who walked up to the owner of an antique store with him and pulled out receipts from NYC totalling $400,000 and said “This is to show you I’m serious.” Might as well of said ‘I have so much money you can cheat me and I wouldn’t even notice.’

Sun went down and the place cleared out fairly quickly. It was a good place to relax, the beer wasn’t way expensive and there were plenty of expats. I’m sure I’ll get to know many in the coming year.