Balinese Children and Wednesday Arvo

Today Sean and I went out to Global Extreme on Jalan Raya Kerabokan ( everyone find it on the map? ) and checked out their internet access early in the morning. They’ve just upgraded their service and it’s much better.

After an hour we went to Spaghetti Jazz cafe on Jalan Seminyak ( boy, this map is handy! ) to meet with Jason and his boss Susan ( Swiss ) from LED Design. They are a custom jewelry maker based in Seminyak and were interested in getting a mention in the blog. No worries, we like talking to people. We chatted for a hour, Susan giving us bottled water and a local snack of crispy tempeh with a chili paste. We’ll go back soon and take photos of the work being done there. We then visited their shop on Jalan Seminyak which has some very attractive pieces. I don’t know diddly about jewelry but I think their classy looking designs will go over well in the US.

We took a taxi downtown and I hit a local warung for my usual nasi campur. The owner’s kids were running riot and were very excited to have a foreigner to play with. The little boy wanted to climb on my table.

Heading back to internet Outpost, Sean and I then went with Armadi to a photo place to have some passport pics done for our ‘international driving licences’. We should of got these taken care of before coming here but there may be a ‘solution’.




Sean & Armadi went to take care of some t-shirt production and I walked down Jalan Legian towards Poppies.

I passed the wall outside Sari Club which has become something of a memorial.