Bali: Why is it better than Thailand?

Thailand vs Bali: Thailand is a great destination, a place that most backpackers visit on their SE Asian adventure. How does it stack up against Bali?

Prices: Prices are comparable. I've heard people say that a $1 plate of food in Bali would cost 30 cents in Thailand, but at that level who really cares? The point is that both places offer very affordable food and accommodation.

Food: Thai food kicks ass. Its better than Indonesian / Balinese food. However, Bali has a ton of great international food places that range from budget to fancy.

Weather: Both have great weather.




Culture: Thailand is the Land of Smiles and the Balinese are also known for being some of the friendliest around. On a daily basis the Balinese culture is more easily accessible, by which I mean temples ceremonies, processions, daily rituals are performed everywhere and tourists can watch.

Beaches: Thailand has better beaches.

Surfing: Bali has awesome surfing. Thailand had a bit.

Accessibility for a tourist: Thailand is very spread out, you land in Bangkok, then have to choose between a 300 km train ride / flight to the highlands, or another 300 km flight to the islands. In Bali you can drive to the north coast in 3 hours from Kuta, to Amed on the east coast in 3.5 and to Gilimanuk of the west coast in about 3.5.