Bali weather June 19th 2007

Bali’s weather right now is ranging from powerful tropical sun and blue skies, to cool dry season afternoon with cloud cover. Great to have some variation.

One aspect of Bali’s weather that new arrivals will appreciate is the lower humidity and cool mornings and evenings. You can sit out at 10pm and find the atmosphere in Seminyak pleasantly cool. There is no need for AC these days as a fan will be more than enough to keep you cool at night.

Here is the 10 day weather forecast for Bali. As you see we are due for some light showers, which will happen at night, leaving the daytime for sunshine and warmer temperatures. If you are planning on spending time in the highlands (Batukaru, Bedugal, Kintamani, or even Ubud) bring a sweater for the evenings. Other than that you’ll be fine in short and t-shirt during the day.