Bali: Travel & Activities

What you do with your time in Bali is up to you. There’s no shortage of ideas and one site that does a nice little rundown is

This site breaks the various activities into:

Activities For Children including Banana Boat Riding, Bird-Watching, Bull Racing, Camel-Riding, Dolphin-Watching, Dune Surfing, Elephant Safari, Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, Paint Ball, Reptile Park, Surfing, Water Park, Wayang Kulit.

Activities & Sports including Bird-Watching, Bungee-jumping, Bull-Racing, Climbing a mountain, Cycling, Diving and Snorkelling, Golfing, Bali Golf and Country Club, Bali Handara Kosaido, Bali Nirwana Golf Club, The Grand Bali Beach Golf Course, Horse-riding trek, Jet-Skiing, Jungle Trekking, Kayaking, Paint Ball Jungle Skirmish, Rice Paddy Trekking, Skydiving, Sport Fishing, Surfing, Volley Ball, Water Park, White Water Rafting, Windsurfing,




Dance & Music including Balinese dance

Dining including a description of the types of food avialable in Bali.
Shopping including tips of what is available and where.

Nice rundown and helpful in provoking ideas.

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