Bali tourism rebounding

ruskyBali tourism is rebounding with hotels and restaurants again doing a trade. Anyone who has been in Bali over the last few months will of noticed the difference. We’re not back to the heady days of 1998 where you had to push your way just to get down Poppies Lane II, but many of the popular places are full everyday.

Two of the most popular small warungs on Jl. Double Six are Warung Asia, serving a Thai stlye selection and Warung Murah with its ‘pick your own’ version of Indonesian food. These places are slammed each night and it can be hard to find a seat. Same old story, news spreads when people find good food for a cheap price. Other places on the same street can be almost empty.

According to ABC News, Bali has had an increase in tourist arrivals of more than a third, for the first half of 2007. Many of these new arrivals are from NE Asia and Russia. Walking around Kuta and Seminyak my instinct is that is correct. There is a decent upswing in the Australian market too, which is the lifeline for the whole Legian area, but the tourist industry is adapting to the new trends, with the 2 new food courts (Sunset & Kuta), a new Chinese restaurant in Denpasar, Canton and a new Russian restaurant in Sanur (Slavyanka) which I would love to try out!