Bali Fashion Week Postponed: Bali

Although not cancelled and rescheduled like the Kuta Karnival was, the 7th Bali Fashion Week has only been rescheduled. The Bali fashion week has without a doubt firmly entrenched itself on the international stage, so to speak.

According to an article in the Bali Discovery newsletter, the event originally set for June 2006 to June 3-6, is now to be held on 4-7 June 2007.

The organisers are quoted as saying "We hope that within the following year the economic conditions in Indonesia will develop where all business players have more confidence in conducting the promotions locally as well as internationally. We still highly believe in the strength possessed by the industry in Indonesia to create competitive and unique products for both domestic and international consumption. However the great assistance and support from the Indonesian government will be much needed in order to gain maximum results from the Bali Fashion Week event that functions as one of the vehicles for promoting (Indonesia's) fashion and textile industry to the world market."




This is really not a setback for the Kuta fashion industry but a minor readjustment. The event founded and championed by Bali's Fashion icon Mardiana Ika, managed to draw hundred of top fashion buyers to Bali to view the latest creations by Indonesian designers and national fashion houses.

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