Bali bomb maker injured in Philippines shootout

Good news happens once in a while, and often if you you have a positive mental attitude. BBC reports that the guy who made the original Bali bombs, was injured in a recent shootout in the Philippines.

Dalmatian (I call him Dalmatian) or Dulmatin, is the little punk who put together the device, that blew up the Sari Club. He didn’t stick around to see what happened, instead fleeing to the southern Philippines, were another bunch of nuts, named Abu Sayyaf, hang out. Here in Indonesia, President SBY has already ramped up the search for terrorists and over the last 2 years, several have been either shot dead or arrested, villagers helping with information. Having nowhere to hide, the Philippines looked good.

All I can say tonight is, Dalmatian I hope that bullet hole stings like crazy mate!