Another day in paradise

It's another day in paradise and I'm getting down with e-mail stuff at Internet Outpost. I hit a place on Jalan Seminyak called Moka’s for breakfast and had a latte, water and bread basket for 11,000rp ( $1.20 ).

Internet Outpost is getting more traffic these days especially in the evenings. I think tourists are slowly gaining in confidence.

I started wearing my bike gloves today that I brought from Eugene, the sun is strong out here and every bit of protection helps. As far as riding goes I’m getting used to handling the bike and know the main danger spots along my daily route, there’s a couple of little intersections where anything could happen and I slow down at those places.

I’ve arranged with Ika from Internet Outpost to help me do some more interviews with locals on Tuesday after she finishes work which will be good. I’m going to crank out as many as possible and it’s great to have her along.

The shops that line the route on Poppies II to the beach are actually doing some business but not nearly the volume of 6 months ago. Here’s a popular t-shirt that has appeared after the bombing.

As the shadows started to lengthen I wandered down to Kuta beach with the camera to give the folks back home a view. It was interesting to watch the changing colors as the sun sank into the horizon.




Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Poppies I led me to an alley which connects with Poppies II. Close to Ronta Bungalows were we were living a while ago I saw there was a movie on at one of the local restaurants. Looked like a Guy Ritchie type thing with Samuel L. Jackson. I ordered pepper steak for 9,000rp ( $1.05 ) and was rewarded when this thing arrived sizzling on a metal platter. The meat was thin but I wasn’t wanting that much.

Didn’t want to wait for the end of the movie as the plot seemed to get more bizarre as time went on. Arriving at I / O I couldn’t use any of the machines as they were all taken…a first for me. I decided to head home and as I was strapping my helmet on I felt the first few drops of the evening’s shower. By the time I made the beach it was pouring and I should know by now if I’m going to be downtown later than 5pm I should bring my rainjacket. Oh well. at least it’s warm rain. There seemed to be less traffic in the road which was good but I still lowered my speed in case I had to slow down in a hurry. Some of the locals here don’t seem to care that it’s nighttime and the roads are wet, they just fly by at their normal 50mph. Wearing glasses, I just can’t see that well and when the light flares off the wet road I’ve got to concentrate on what’s actually in front of me.

I’m typing up some things on the desk in Sean’s room right now. It’s not a bad place to work, plenty of windows and you have AC if you need it.