Afternoon in the Melasti area Kuta, Bali

I strolled around the Jalan Melasti area this afternoon doing some promotional work and snapped a few scenes here including this little kid who was obviously enjoying all the attention, this shot of Jalan Legian and some flowers in a small restaurant on a side street I was sitting in.

Back on Jalan Benesari in the Poppies Lane area I noticed this guy doing his best to drag his cart down the street.

I ate at a small place between Poppies I & II and sat at the counter watching the BBC news. They showed scenes from the Iraq conflict including a ground attack plane pummeling a building. I’m sure most of us have no idea of the power some of those weapons have and to be in close proximity to where they are being used must be terrifying.




Sitting next to me were 3 recent arrivals from the UK who were echoing those thoughts.