A Solution….Bribery

As I prepared to leave Eugene, I gather up my passport a day before I left. Wow. As I looked at the picture on that passport, I saw myself, or a picture of a man 10 years younger than I am today and pretty handsome I might add.

Chris and I realized that my passport expires on June 10, 2003 – Opps. One should travel with a passport that has at least 6 months of validity left. That could be a problem, but I am still going. What can I do.

It reminded me of that commercial where the president of the “Hair Club for Men” says,

“I am not only the President, I’m also a client” while a picture of a man with no hair is next to another picture of the same man with a full head of hair.

I thought to myself, “I am not only the President of BootsnAll, I’m also stupid and should have done more research and planning in the BootsnAll Toolkit and BootsnAll Message Boards”.

Fast forward to immigration at Denpesar airport in Bali…




The immigration lady told me that my passport has a problem and brought me to the “back room” to discuss it with her supervisor.

I knew at this point that the 6 month passport thing was going to be a problem, and the supervisor confirmed that. He offered me a “solution” while gently waving his hand in a take from me to him motion.

Hmm, my 1st offer was $20. He laughed and said it is not nearly enough. I ended up paying $50 for the solution to my problem.

Thank you Mr. Supervisor. I was estatic and compared it to possible experiences in other countries where the immigration folks might not bend and send me on a plane back to Taipai.

I had experiences like this before in Asia before. It did not bother me at all. I think Nick was more disappointed that I had to pay it. I call it a fair price for not planning.

(Travelers – Don’t worry. This will not happen to you if you have all your ducks lined up. Learn from my mistake!)