Workmen in the house

I spent a couple of hours at the house this morning waiting for Made #27 & #34 from Bali Land & Houses to swing by with workmen to fix some of the minor things that we had mentioned. Sean and I visited a local expat cafe for breakfast before hitting Global Extreme cyber cafe along Jalan Raya Kerobokan. I split after an hour and met the guys waiting outside the house.

The basic things that needed repairing were:

A door handle
Both showers’ water supply
One toilet’s water supply
Lightbulbs needed resupply
Bedroom and side door needed keys.

Within an hour we had located the bedroom door keys and Made phoned our gardener who had the side door key. I really appreciated Made’s good attitude in dealing with my requests and after a while both workmen took off to Denpasar for parts. They will have to do most of the work on my shower.

Our gardner appeared and of course his name is, let’s hear it ……………………….Made!!!




He chatted a little and told he would be round on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I asked him to please chuck some chemicals on the path so I don’t break my neck and trim back some of the overhanging bamboo as us bule’s (foreigners) are tall.

Made left, 45 minutes passed and the other Made from B L & H comes and tells me the workmen will return at 2-3pm.

I jump on the bike and hit a money changer on Jalan Seminyak. I spot a warung who’s window is stacked with fresh looking food, even better there are plenty of foreign and local customers. I go in, take my rice plate and start picking items. I had a chicken rib, greens and some other curried vegetables, quite filling for 10,000rp ($1.15).

I shot back to Global Extreme and touched base with Sean who was working on web stuff and checked e-mail for a hour.

Back at the place at 2pm and the 2 workmen were back from Denpasar. I let them in and offered them air minum (water). The 2 Made’s plus Sean arrived and left again. Been kind of a revolving door here today. I must say it’s so great to have access to the outside area through the house instead of going around now that we have the key. I’m sitting in that bamboo chair with my machine on my lap….big difference from my desk in Eugene. It is sticky here. I’m already used to sweating most of the time, I just hope other people get used to the smell.