Wednesday housing hunting

After a spell at Internet Outpost, Sean and I got hunger pains and hit our local warung for some nasi camper (‘cham poor’ or ‘champers’ as Sean calls it), mixed rice.

Here’s the soto (soup).

The manager works long hours and seemed tired today.

We took a taxi out to Cafe Krakatoa on Jalan Seminyak and waited for our contact Mila to drive us to a house she had for rent.

This place had its own security and was one of 6 apartments. Also had a shared pool.




The place had 2 bedrooms.

The view outside the back window overlooks the paddy.

This house had an asking price of 39M rp which was a little high. We have a similar offer on another place and are hoping for a better deal. The housing market seems to be a bit tight right now. There are places to live for sure but the market is not flooded with cheap deals. I guess this is how I expected it in some ways. Expats are always the last ones to leave a country in times of trouble so the bombing had the least effect on them. Fancy resorts on the other hand are having the hardest time, high end tourists fleeing the fastest.

We’ll let you know how our phone call goes today. Maybe we’ll get a place today.