Walking Down Poppies II, I'm crying

Not because I am sad. Nick and I were working our little tits off Saturday morning. We wanted to go to Ubud for a night and escape the heat of Kuta. It depended on a package arriving via global priority mail from Chris at BootsnAll HQ. Nick walked into Internet-Outpost at 12:30 p.m. and slapped the package down on my mouse. We were free, home free. Ubud here we come.

Nick quickly took off for the room to pack and I shut down and got ready to pay. As I waited for Ika to figure out my bill, I opened the package. The CD with the data we needed was there, but so was a folder with a big arse Birthday card on it….

I opened it and started to read it. Personal notes written to me from the likes of Larry Habbegger, Brad Newsham, the gang at BNI, Christian Beck, My Mum and Pops, Ant, JenLeo, Chris, Joe E, Dada Bacudo, folks from softball and others, interspersed with pictures of me and my friends. Happy pictures. Wonderfully inspiring notes.




I started to cry as I paid my bill. It was a great birthday present and some of the stuff people said to/about me just made me break down. So as I walked back, I enjoyed the surprise and moment. It was only a 4 minute walk back to our guesthouse and I didn’t want Nick to freak out when he saw a fat, 30 year old dude crying so I wiped it up and got on with it.

Thanks Chris, Ant and Jen and any other folks for putting that together. Memorable for sure and you all get a big hugs and wet kisses on my return.