Tiger Woods on Overseas Travel

Woods decided to skip the Dubai Desert Classic and $2 million in appearance money, saying it was too close to Iraq and not safe enough for him to travel.

“Going overseas in this particular year, right now, especially in that part of the world, is a little tough for me,” he said.

Well, when a prominent and well liked Yank like Tiger Woods says stuff like this, you bet more people will be “scared”. I have a feeling that on my arrival back in the US tomorrow, that I will be “scared” as well. What is it that makes us Yanks such panic merchants?




I reckon Tiger should go to the Tournament and donate his 2 million dollar fee to something worthwhile (maybe Backpack Nation). He could make 2 statements by doing that:

1. I am rich enough – the 100 million US I made last year will suffice.
2. It’s OK to travel folks…if you are in a plane or travelling, chances are that you will be struck by lightening are greater than being a target of a terrorist. (at least I think so? anyone know the exact stats?)