Squeaky Fan

Since I arrived a week ago, the fan in our room has had a crescendoing squeak to it. By the time it is on full blast, it has a loud squeak about it. Last night was possibly the worst it squeaked. It sounded like a train. Nick and I sleep like logs and it didn’t really bother us.

But we found out that it bothered our neighbors. Nyoman (from the guesthouse) told us first thing in the morning that he had to fix it. And when Nick came back to the room after breakkie, the 3 Greek girls in the room next to us were speaking in Greek, and Nick said that he could tell they were looking at him, maybe in a little bit of disgust.

I promptly stomped over to their room and yelled,

“What should we do, throw some tzatziki sauce on it to keep it quiet?”




Just kidding, I didn’t say that. he, he. I didn’t think much of it and after coming back at the end of the day, the fan was quiet and I told the girls that it was fixed. They were actually pleasant and said, “of course it is not your fault”. We misread that they might be mad at us.

They are in Bali for 10 days on business. They have a jewelry store in Greece and are silver shopping. We discussed that and both hoped that Greece is ready for the Summer Olympics in 2004. Very nice ladies.