Sima Cutting from Cambridge England

Name: Sima Cutting

Age: 23

Where do you come from: Cambridge, England

Why did you come to Bali?: Primarily to meet Steve, my college roomate, but would of come anyway. My friend Robin from Sweden raved about it.

Is this your first trip to Bali?:How long will you be here?: Yes. One month.

How would you classify your budget? ( e.g., budget traveller, a little spendy, 5-star or bust )?: A little spendy, as Steve was out here on holiday.

Are you on a short holiday ( say less than 1 month ), or travelling for an extended period of time?: Travelling for an extended period of time across Asia.




Did the bombing affect you in your plans to come? Did it affect your trip overall?: No

What is your favourite part of Bali?: I like Kuta but the rain had a big influence on how much I liked a place. The Gili isles in Lombok and Lovina because of the people and 2 little girls we looked after.

What is your least favourite aspect of Bali?: Its too touristy in Kuta with too many shops selling the same thing – ‘Osama don’t surf’ t-shirts for example.

Any funny things happen top you while you were here?: I got chased and attacked by the king monkey in Ubud. Steve thought it was funny that the king attacked. He grabbed my water bottle, bared his teeth and chased me, he made me scream a lot.

Would you come back to Bali? Why or why not?: Yes. I love the Indonesia / Indonesians. There’s something magical in the culture and the people are just fucking gorgeous.

What advice would you like to pass on to people who are coming to Bali soon?: You don’t need to spend as much money as you think you do. Bali can feel expensive at first but it’s not all big hotels and resorts, there is a budget option. You will work out where to go / not to go.

What are your travel plans for the future?: Really want to go too China, come back to Indonesia, see the islands east of Bali, India and S.America.

Why do you like to travel?: Because it is more interesting than England.

Any other thoughts you might like to pass on to the world?: Don’t drink vodka and gin together. Don’t get your hotel guy drunk or you’ll have to take him home.