Sean's birthday celebration

This evening Sean and I jumped into a cab and headed out to Jalan Dhyana Pura in Seminyak ( expat alley ) to a place called Santa Fe. It was one of the first places Jason and I went and features a variety of food. We arrived and sat at the bar, immediately cracked open a large Bintang and chatted with the bar staff. On the counter was a pump advertising another beer, Bali Hai. We had one each and thought it was the same as Bintang so carried on with that.

After about 35 minutes we were joined by Janice from Toronto, who looked very attractive in a tight black outfit. She’s been out here a week and has 2 more to go. Janice works as a make up artist in the Toronto film industry and told us about the 17 hour days she has to put in. It's not all glamour.

Janice ordered a banana juice and we compared mosquito (nyamuk) bites.

Shortly afterwards Abong, (Jason’s buddy) came and said he would let Jason know we were here on his phone. Abong seems a super nice guy and I hope we get to hang out more when we have sorted out our place to live.




Looking across the bar I saw our friend Mark arrive and sit with Abong and Maurice (I met him at Made’s Warung last Friday). It was so cool of Jason to let people know we were meeting and was also cool that people here are flexible enough to go for drinks with newcomers.

We were joined by a couple from France and around 9.30pm made a move to Ryoshi Japanese restaurant in Seminyak. Jason recommended the white marlin, which was delicious. Sean and I ordered some miso and a tray each of assorted sushi. It was very good and together with the white marlin and beers cost around 180,000rp ( $20). It was my buddy’s 30th birthday so I wasn’t complaining.

Jason and Mark gave us valuable information on health stuff and things like phones and scooters. Knowing these guys is awesome and makes me realise how much I have to learn about Bali.