Sean left for Oz

Myself, I was at Internet Outpost till 7pm waiting for the rain to slacken off. It didn't so I bought a $1.10 rainjacket and jumped on the bike heading home. The rain was so heavy I pulled into a hotel along the beach road for shelter, the water pooling at the sides of the road and bouncing off my glasses. No let up so I continued, worrying that the road might turn into a river like a couple of weeks ago. I drove slowly and made it home after about 20 minutes.

The guys got in about 8.20pm and I donned my rainjacket and went for some food. I went to a bamboo shack that Sean and I had visited before and ordered the ‘steamed fish in banana leaves, Bali-style’. It was simple and good. I really liked the fact that this had no grease, unlike the nasi goreng. I’ll hit this place again.

I picked up a couple of big Bintangs at the store and shared one with Ebong back at the house, Sean preferring to drink water. An hour later and they were both heading down the road off to Ngurah Rai airport. Sean’s flight is at 0055hrs. He’ll be arriving in Brisbane tomorrow to be picked up by Chris’s parents.




I’m sitting in this house in Seminyak, Bali all alone typing and kind of amazed that I’m here. Sean has gone to Australia on business for several days and our friend Ebong drove him.

Earlier in the day Sean had taken off to Jimbaron to visit Ebong’s place and got hit with torrential rain. He was on the bike so was soaked by the time he arrived. Ebong cooked him veggies & rice with a kilo of fresh tuna for sushi. Sean loved it!