Sari Club – interviews

Spent the last couple of hours with Ika from Internet Outpost interviewing locals about the bombing at the Sari Club. One guy who owns a wartel (telecommunications place) and t-shirt business that is located 2 doors down from the Sari Club let us go to the third floor of his building and take some aerial shots of the scene.

People in the immediate area told of finding body parts in their driveways and on the their roofs. One thing that comes across is the shock of the explosion, then total darkness, followed by panic. Some people seemed to cope okay. I am trying to get the sensory impact the people felt as well as their thoughts.

A lot of the places closest to the scene are closed due to damage and new ones have opened since so there’s not a clear line of stories going down the street but there are people around everyday who do have cool stories.




I am in Internet Outpost right now with Sima and Steve (who flew from Manchester yesterday) and we’ll go out to Seminyak. I’m thinking Made’s Warung or Mykonos.

If I get chance tonight I’d like to type up the interviews and organise the photos, we’ll have a ton by the time we’re finished.