Rebuilding Bali – Sari Club

Nick and I just got back from a day out searching for places to live, researching cell phone costs and internet providers. As our Taxi pulled up to Poppies Lane, across from the former Sari Club, we noticed a few new walls. Yes, I wouldn't call it a North American construction site but a few new walls were going up and men with hard hats were working in there.

It’s great to see this, as I mentioned before, the streets are very dead. As we have wandered in to other areas like Legian and Seminyak – it is the same. Not many folks around.

I spoke with the Cybercafe manager today. Here are some numbers.

Before bombing: 150+ customers per day




Right after bombing: 10 customers per day

January 2003: 40+ customers or so per day.

Looks like Bali is on the right track. I also spoke with another French lady expat. She owns a shop near the blast site and expects business to pick up back up to previous levels in the next 6 months. According to her, the first tourists back were the Asians because they are curious. Westerners will take another 6 months or so.

We’ll see. In the meantime, Nick and I have Bali to ourselves.