Random Thoughts

It has been a great/helluva week. I have so many possible blog posts to put up, I do not know where to start. So I will just spewwwww.

We met an old BootsnAll member Pete Day yesterday. I’ll do up a profile sometime soon. We have been corresponding about Bali for 6 months before finally meeting him. Last night Nick, Pete and I got “wasted” (sorry mum), or something like that at a place called Captain Haddock’s in Kuta. It was pissing down rain (it was like trying to walk underneath Niagara Falls) for 3 hours so we had nothing else to do but keep ordering more rounds and talking about travel.

Got a house as Nick mentioned. There’s a stress that’s gone now. Not a huge one, but it’s nice to be done with House Hunting.

Internet Connection problems. With the heavy rains the past few days, the satellite cafes are not always working. In fact, yesterday there was no juice in the evening. I can deal with it now, but when Chris moves here…that will be a big pain in the arse since he is the guy that admin’s the BootsnAll Travel Network. We’ll talk to more expats and Internet folks around here and see if we can find a backup plan for days like that.

Yesterday, Gerry Williams of BaliEats.com took us around for the afternoon and introduced us to some people. He has been very helpful and an unreal resource so we don’t have to trip on every bump along the way.




Personally, Nick and I are getting along well despite spending so much time with each other. That’s very cool. Ever spend too much time with one person and end up hating them? Well, I think Nick and I will avoid that fate this time like we avoided it during the Campus Crawl.

The Mystery Woman has not been sighted for 1 week now. Part of the problem is that we don’t get out to the place of the original sighting that often cuz we are busy. I am not stressing it. Maybe she’ll forever be that “Mystery Woman”?

I took a nap today for the 1st time from 4:45 to 6 p.m. I feel better now.

Thanks for reading and supporting us as we go through this. I am sure Nick appreciates it as much as I do.