Random Thoughts Part II

I haven't blogged in a few days. But it looks like Nick has been keeping you all entertained. Thanks Pal.

Since signing on the dotted line last Friday, the Red Sea has opened up for us. Before we had a place, it felt like we were spending the majority of our day in search of a house and not moving towards the goals we set. Which, as we showed, is a time consuming activity. With this done, we have been moving towards our goals.

1. Getting Internet Access under control. We have been able to investigate our options more fully. From visiting Mick and testing his connection to talking to Satellite ISP’s and weighing our options with more knowledge. I am feeling more confident in getting Chris Heidrich an access plan that will work. That is a huge parting of the Red sea.

2. Content Ideas. Nick and I have formalized some of the content we/he will be cranking out. You wanna sneak preview (trying to build some buzz)? If you wanna hear about what these are….I need 15 unique people to comment below this post…and you’ll get a sneak preview. It’s worth it, so pony up and comment. Say something.




3. Meeting People. Eugene, Oregon is a great town. I love it. But there are way more people and travellers here to meet. Everyday Nick and I are running into people and listening to their stories. Where they came from, where they’re going. I have never gotten sick of this.

4. Marketing Stuff. We want to introduce BaliBlog and BootsnAll to more travellers. Getting these initiatives started feels good.