Profile of a Traveler: Tina Takaya

Name: Tina Takaya

Age: 42

Where do you come from?: ( City, Country): Santa Barbara, CA USA

Why did you come to Bali?: To see the culture in Bali / vacation.

Is this your first trip to Bali?: How long will you be here?: First trip. 6 nights and 7 days. Went to Nepal and Thailand first.

How would you classify your budget?: ( e.g, budget traveler, a little spendy, 5-star or bust). We are usually budget travellers but this trip was short so we were a little spendy.

Are you on short holiday ( say less than 1 month ), or travelling for an extended period of time?: Short this time, but I have traveled around the world for a year.




Did the bombing affect your plans to come?: Did it affect your trip overall? No,No. My belief is if it is my time it owuld be ‘my time’ at home as well so I might as well be in Bali enjoying the sun, ocean and relaxed atmosphere.

What is your favourite part of Bali?: The people are warm and friendly. Bali is a place where you can have the experience you want. You can visit small villages, hike, motorcycle riding. Basically you can travel inexpensively and experience a lot of the culture and have a great time! And you can live it up with everything at your fingertips such as a massage everyday, great hotels with pools, warm ocean and great food.

What is your least favourite part of Bali?: The humidity although every tropical island will have humidity.

Would you come back to Bali?: Why or why not? Definitely. Warm friendly people, great food, warm nights, swimming at night.

What advice would you like to pass on to folks that are coming to Bali soon?: Make sure you don’t bring 1996 bills. Enjoy the beaches but get to know the people. There is so much more to do than just beaches.

What are your plans in future?: Peru – visiting the villages! Machu Picchu.

Why do you like to travel?: I love learning different cultures and the amazing exchange with the people.

Any other thoughts that you might like to pass on to the world?: Be open to your learning opportunities from different cultures. Before travelling learn the customs so that you can respect different cultures. Don’t try to damage other cultures, let the cultures change you.