Profile of a Traveler: Ron Tice

Name : Ron Tice

Age : 37

Where do you come from ? ( City, Country ): Santa Barbara California USA

Why did you come to Bali?: Vacation and to scout business opportunities.

Is this your first trip to Bali? How long will you be here?: Yes, 7 days.

How would you classify your budget? ( eg budget traveler, a little spendy, 5-star or bust ): Budget traveler with a few good meals.

Are you on a short holiday ( say less than 1 month ), or travelling for an extended period of time?: Short holiday.




Did the Bali bombing affect you in your plans to come? Did it affect your trip overall?: No.

What is your favorite part of Bali?: My favourite parts of Bali are the long roads, green fields from the viewpoint of a motorbike.

What is your least favorite part of Bali?: The abundance of slow internet cafes. Just bring a good book and sit back while your page loads.

Would you come back to Bali? Why or why not?: Absolutely. The people are friendly, the land’s beautiful and the opportunities are endless.

What advice would you like to pass on to folks that are coming to Bali soon?: Do your research, make some friends here and get off the beaten path. Rent a motorbike and scout the island and follow your intuition.

What are your travel plans for the future?: I would like to return here in 1-2 years amongst my other travels and frequent this beautiful place regularly. Maybe even live here for a while.

Why do you like travel?: I love meeting new people and learning from other’s lifestyles and cultures.

Any other thoughts you’d care to share with the world?: Be open to other ways of life. When you return home to your country, take a few deep breaths and try to incorporate what you’ve learned from your travels into your own life.