President's Day in Oz?

Being so far from the US, I never would have expected that President's Day would delay me. But it has.

This morning I got up at the crack of down with renewed hope. The Indonesian Consulates referred me back to the US and said it is a not go until I get a new or extended passport.

So I got in touch with The American Embassy but it is closed for President’s Day so I have to wait at least 1 more day. I am not planning on getting out of here until at least Thursday. I called the emergency number (to me, this is important) and the guy on the other end sounded like he could “give 2 shits” about my situation.

His attitude made me think of service etc. I hope I never treat a BootsnAll Traveler in the way that I was treated. If folks have issues that need to be resolved, we will do what we can even on a weekend. But not this lazy yank. I hope he doesn’t read this, cuz I have to talk to them again tommorrow.




Meanwhile, I have been catching up on work that got neglected in Bali cuz of the slow internet connection. Besides that, I haven’t been doing too much. I watched the Aussie’s destroy India on Saturday night in World Cup Cricket with Chris’s brother David. When he found out that I had not left, he “recruited” me to help him work on his fence and backyard. He is a real do it yourselfer and wanted the extra muscle to hold poles up while he drilled. Thankfully he rewarded me with Shepards pie, beer, and analysis of the match.

This delay actually has me down a bit. Not crying or moping around down/depressed. I still have been getting out everyday getting things done etc. Just most days I feel great and spunky. Since this delay hit I feel lethargic and held back. Enough of this feelings stuff…I’ll snap out of it.