My name is Nick and I have lived in Bali since January 2003. I spend my time in Bali writing about daily life: my life and adventures and building an online Bali travel guide – or things that I think other tourists will be interested in. Underlying everything is the island of Bali and the people who live here, their fascinating culture and way of life.

How I came to live in Bali was a rather unplanned route. Working with the BootsnAll Travel Network since its beginnings in 1998 in Eugene, Oregon, I decided the time was right for a move. My choice was Goa, India and the plan was made to do a travel blog site. After some research we discovered the summer monsoons would wipe out tourism for those months and that would mean moving back and forth from south to north India every year. Looking around for other locations to move to we came up with 4 criteria: affordability, international airport, year round tourism and decent internet access. Out of the blue came Bali and out of a plane I stepped 6 months later, with a laptop, backpack and a rolled up sign.

Since living in Bali I got married to Ika and we have a young son Jevon, who was born in Denpasar on June 30th 2005.

My goal with BaliBlog is to create a personal, useful and entertaining guide to Bali. If you have a tip or something that you think I should share, please e-mail me. I always enjoy listeing to people’s personal experiences and recommendations. Hopefully some of the things I say will ring a bell for people who have visited Bali and be useful for those planning on coming or even moving here.




A regular day for me can include checking out guest houses, hotels, restaurants, cultural events and tourist spots. It can also mean a trip to a previously unvisited part of the island and try to capture some of the magic that brings to mind the word ‘Bali’.

BaliBlog is forever changing. I write about 2 to 8 posts per day throughout the year to help you stay up-to-date with what is fun, how to do it and make the most out of your trip to Bali. Some specific things you might enjoy include Bali Travel Updates (RSS), a daily photo, message boards, user comments & feedback. You can even book stuff on BaliBlog, like a surfing lesson or your hotel. My BBQ’s are a regular event and I invite anyone coming to Bali to come along and meet other cool people.