Ngurah Wiyana from Pub Bagus, Poppies II

Name:Ngurah Wiyana


Place of work:Pub Bagus, Poppies II close to Jalan Legian.

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:

I was working at the bar.

When the bomb went off did you hear it? When did you know what had happened?:

I thought it was an electric shock. In Poppies II electric shocks have happened before. I still tried to serve the guests. The customers ran out in panic but I stayed calm. I thought the second blast is a gas explosion. I tried to close the pub and used a lamp as it was totally dark. In the darkness I kicked something and it was a head. Then I was scared.

The building next to the Sari Club on Poppies II had people jumping from the roof as it was on fire. Most of these people were foreignors and many were injured by jumping into the street like this.




That night there were 20 staff in the pub, but all ran away except 3 who stayed.

I saw a body in front of Circle K across from us on Poppies II with its torso open. I helped put the body inside the Aloha surf shop on the corner of Poppies II and Jalan Legian.

I went to the Sari Club and couldn’t believe all the body parts all over the place. I was thankful the fire moved north away from Pub Bagus.

I stayed till 3am.

Did you know anyone who died or was injured? When was the last time you saw them?:

I knew 3 Indonesians from Sumatra, Java and Singaraja here in Bali that were killed. Their bodies were never found. The last time I saw them was that night at Paddy’s bar.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:

I want to do evil things to you. I want to hit, punch and kill you.

What would you say to tourists considering coming to Bali?:

Bali is safe but I want the government to make a punishment to the bombers so tourists will come back.