Mystery Woman Update

From this post, we found out that our new aquaintence/friend, Ebong (very cool guy, hopefully we will be friends), knows the mystery woman, so she is a mystery no more.

Basically, he said that she has a 6’3″ Swede boyfriend who is a blackbelt in Karate…in others words, she is off the map. Or…..I can just see it now…

Karate Kid: Part IX. Fat American (played by me) is coached my Mr. Miyagi (played by Mr. Miyagi of course) to fight big Swede (played by Jean Claude Van Damme) for the Brazilian girl in Bali, Indonesia. I train in the Bali Jungles for weeks in preparation of the big fight because I showed the Brazilian girl my handheld (22K). Then the big fight. I get my butt kicked until Miyagi does his magic and gives me the second wind and reminds me to use “the move” I have been working on the past few weeks in the jungle… of course, I use “the move” and win the match and girl.




It’ll be a hit in the USA….I mean if Kangaroo Jack can be a number 1 at the US box office, why couldn’t something like this?