My upcoming trip to Australia

I am leaving for Brisbane, Australia on Feb 6th which is less than 1 week away. During this trip, I will meet our accountant down here and do some administrative things.

It will be a trip down memory lane for me as well since my first extended trip was to Brisbane in 1994 when I went to the University of Queensland for a year. Besides meeting Mr and Mrs Heidrich (Chris – fellow BootsnAll founder’s ma and pa) who I briefly met in 1994, I am hoping to see 2 other guys.

Brendan and Euan.

Brendan and Euan were the other 2 guys on the original BootsnAll trip to England in 1996. I said good-bye on great terms to Brendan in October 1996 from Edinburgh, Scotland and had not heard one word from him until recently when he sent an e-mail. I actually hold nothing against him.




Euan, was a great friend as well. In fact, he met his wife on the original BootsnAll trip and visited his current wife in Chicago by staying with my parents in the fall of ’96 as well. We kept in touch but had a bit of a falling out. Unfortunately, Euan is the only friend I have ever had in my life that this happened. I am hoping that they (Brendan and Euan) can forgive me so we can get together and remember some great old times we had. I have such great memories of them.

Of course, I did not mention one part of this story. On the first version of the BootsnAll website in Jan 1999, 1 of the 6 webpages had our profiles. One for each of us. Chris, Euan, Brendan, and myself. We took the piss on ourselves and Brendan and Euan. From the grapevine, I hear that they took it pretty seriously, which is odd for a few Aussies, but they did. I’ll see (Chris?) if I can dig up that old page…so I can link to it…I want to hear what you all think. Were Chris and I too harsh?

Either way, I will ask for forgiveness and hope that we can at least meet up for a beer. I hope they want to meet up. I actually miss those 2 buggers.