Mrs Kembar from Kembar Shop

Name: Mrs. Kembar

Age: 55

Place of work: Kembar shop ( Jalan Legian )

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:
I was close to Legian / Poppies II in the house. I ran away to save myself and family. I thought it was an electrical explosion.

What happened where you were, once people knew that a bomb had gone off?:
I went to a safe area near the beach. After a while I knew it was a bomb. I got back to the shop and everything is broken, windows, roof etc.




My shop was damaged and I can’t afford to repair it fully.

On the roof I found and hand, skin, eyes. The police took the body parts away.

I don’t know any one who died in the bombing.

There were lots of burning cars in the street. I slept in the shop on a mattress for a month as the house in back was structurally damaged.

The shop next door to me’s phone was ringing at night even though it was cut off after the bombing. I’m thinking now about how badly this will affect the economy, this is my only business.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:
I agree with anything the government decides but I have very deep feelings about what happened.

What would you say to tourists thinking of coming to Bali?:
I want Bali back to normal.

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