Mr Katut Nugra: 2 Doors from Sari Club

Name: Mr. Katut Nugra

Age: 56

Place of work: Art shop & telecommunications service ( Jl. Legian, 2 doors up from Sari )

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:

I was sleeping around the back of the shop in house complex ( traditional style ) . Shop closed. Wartel owned by him also in side street. His family were injured by flying glass in the wartel also by the roof caving in at the art shop ( 3 storys ).

The 1st blast I think is thunder. 2nd blast I went searching. My grand daughter is shouting, grandkids are crying. I can’t find the door of the house because of the dust.

Outside its terrible, everything is dark. In front of the house I saw a Kijang ( Toyota SUV ) with a dead person at the wheel.

There were a lot of Sari Club customers are jumping in house compound over the wall and running in injured and bleeding. The next door building is on fire and belongs to my brother. I tried to get the firemen to come to put the fire out.




All my family are running up Jl. Legian. They climbed over the north wall, 3 meters high. They didn’t want to use the front exit as parts of bodies are littered in the driveway and I’m scared. The other families escaped the same way.

The same night they find body parts and give to police 2 days later. It was very stinky in this area. They make a ceremony as its bad spirit in Balinese.

Only 3 guys stay at the house. My family goes 2 miles away.

A lot of people were saying it was an electric shock. The police said it’s a bomb, but I can’t believe it. Maybe the bomb exploded the electrical box and made it worse.

I heard a rumor that a head was found 300 meters away.

People in Denpasar saw a chimney of smoke and a fireball.

My family didn’t go to hospital and just used tweezers to take out the glass.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:

I hope you get the same with what you do here and God will punish you. I want to kill them but it depends on the government.

What would you say to tourists thinking of coming to Bali?:

Bali still safe. Keep your bags safe as there are more robberies, thefts. I want to fix my building for the tourists but don’t have any money. I don’t want the Sari Club to be a nightclub again.

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