Mr Kama Deanna of Mambo

Name: Mr. Kama Deanna

Age: 27

Place of work: Mambu ( very badly damaged, on Jl. Legian across from Sari Club.)

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:

At home in Legian. close by. I thought it was an electric shock. The security man Bendi called and said there was a bomb. I came to Mambu to help the injured. My friend Somalani was working in the shop and got her head cut. I called relatives to take her to hospital. Another guy called Goday has similar injuries.




Six people were working and hid in the back part of the shop were the Balinese artwork is. ( The Balinese part of the store at the back was almost undamaged.

I found a westerner’s leg and took it to the police. The man working close by in Haagen Dazs was killed.

It is a very scary scene that night, everything was dark. A lot of friends working at Sari Club were killed. I found a lot of heads and body parts everywhere. I saw a lot of people running injured.

After the bomb I saw the indicator of a burned out car blinking, I also heard people crying.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:
Get a trial. They must be guilty and die. If they destroy Bali they’ve destroyed all the world.

What would you like to say to tourists considering coming to Bali?:
Bali is safe again.

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