Mr Jacko from The Board Shop Poppies II Kuta

Name: Mr Jacko

Age: 32

Place of work: The Board Shop

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:
I was at home, 500meters away across Jalan Legian and was about to go out with the boys. When the second bomb went off my tv and stereo jumped off the rack




I ran to Poppies II and everything is dark, I can see only the fire at the Sari Club. People are carrying bodies and injured people. Its shocking, I don’t believe it, a bomb in Bali. I panic. I call a friend on my cell phone but he doesn’t answer. I found out days later my friend had died in hospital.

I went to my shop on Poppies II and it is smashed down, surfboards are broken. The rolling door smacked some surfboards when it came off. I’m in shock. The air smelled of burning wood. I saw all the damage to the shops on Poppies II and stayed all night helping friends. I didn’t sleep from that Saturday night until Tuesday, I’m searching for a friend in the hospital. I saw bodies. I cried when I saw the bodies, there were a lot of