Mr Iwan from Yulia, Poppies II Kuta

Name: Mr Iwan

Age: 41

Place of work: Yulia

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?: The shop was closed and I was at home in Denpasar. The next day I came to Poppies II and the building is collapsed. I felt strange, awful and saw a lot of blood in the street.

There were so many Special Police I was scared.




I feel so angry with the people who did this and I realize I will have no customers.

I saw the tv news and a friend called about the shop. I felt sad and am crying as my shop is not insured.

Every time I come here while they are cleaning up the blood the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

I’m thinking it’s a terrorist but I don’t know where from. I’m shocked to find out it’s Indonesians, I know they are smart enough to build a bomb, in Jakarta they have bombs but I am surprised at the size of this one.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?: I want the legal process from the government, but I pray for the death penalty.

What would you say to tourists considering coming to Bali?: Bali is safe now and I ask countries not to ban Bali.