Moving our gear to Seminyak

This was a day we had been anticipating for sometime, getting into our place. Nyoman the manager of Ronta Bungalows told us we can pay him tommorrow for our room ( we have a bill for the last week or 2 ).

Sean and I rode our bikes the 15 minute journey their to rendezvous with Made#23. As we arrived Made popped up with the keys to the place and told us he was trying to get the water switched on. We checked the place out and thanked him, before riding back to Ronta.

After ordering a taxi and loading our stuff, consisting of backpacks, holdals, day packs, computers, BootsnAll sign and nick naks we speed off toward Seminyak.

We took the cab back downtown to Made’s Warung in Kuta for a couple of nasi campurs. Sean had a Bali coffee and I had a ginger tea. The rain which had started during the cab ride now now lashing and we watched a shop keeper across the street try to prevent his place getting flooded using a plastic dustpan scoop.




I think we’ll check out Bintang supermarket and the next door place for a few items we need, including and metal box & chain, citronella candles and sheets for the beds. The French guy who left this house took his huge mosquito nets with him so we’ll have to get some if the outside evening situation is to bad.

The great thing about this house is the location, its off of the main road and so traffic noise is not a problem but close enough for us to jump on to get around. Jalan Seminyak takes us right into Kuta in 15 minutes on the scooter.

We’ll be leaving Internet Outpost soon for shopping trip.