Miss Ribka from Sri Kusama Hotel Legian

Name:Miss Ribka


Place of work:Sri Kusama Hotel Legian

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:

I was at home close by off of Jalan Legian. I thought is was an earthquake or an electric shock. The roof and door on my house were broken. My family went out to the small gang ( alley ) then came back inside. Firemen came and said it’s a bomb.

I saw a lot of dead bodies in the gang brought in by other people, also in Jalan Legian I saw dead bodies and burning people. I’m scared to help people or to touch bodies.

The firemen stopped in the gang and pumped water into Paddy’s bar which was on fire. Luckily the fire headed north.

I can’t sleep for one night and am back to work the next morning.




At work near the swimming pool I found a ladies hand which we took to the forensic team 2 days later.

My friend told me he could hear the tv in Paddy’s 2 weeks after the bombing. I get a trauma afterwards and works only days now. The Hindu ceremony makes me feel better.

Locals said the bombing might be terrorists, but don’t know if they are western or Indonesian.

After the bombing there is a bad smell in the area from the burning bodies. They clean with a big truck and after that there is no more smell.

How has the bombing affected you?:

I couldn’t work the evening shifts until recently as I’m scared of the dark.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:

I don’t know but I think tortury would be good. Cut his head, tongue etc. not kill just let him die.

What would you say to tourists considering coming to Bali?:

Bali is already peaceful. Balinese people already pray and there’s nothing to worry about.