Miss Katut Swastini from Lady Travel, Poppies II Kuta

Name: Miss Katut Swastini

Age: 26

Place of work: Lady Travel, Poppies II

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?: Already at home in Denpasar. The shop closed at 7pm. I can hear a big blast from home and think it’s an electric shock.

I knew the next morning it was a bomb. My sister went to the market and they’re talking about a bomb. I still can’t believe it’s a bomb because Bali is always quiet and safe. I’m crying when I watched the tv because my friends went to the Sari Club. I’m shaking.

Come Monday morning I’m stunned that Poppies II is like this, damage all over and buildings destroyed.




I have a relative at Paddy’s working. I’m worried. I try to call. His family is lucky because he changed shifts.

One of my friends, a man called Kadek from Singaraja, I’ve known since junior high was killed. He was working at the Sari Club. I saw Kadek’s body and it is somewhat destroyed, half his skull was missing, half his body, missing limbs etc. so his family didn’t get to see him at the morgue.

Kadek had 2 young children the youngest 3 months old. Before the bomb all his family live in Denpasar, now they move back to Singaraja. They are peaceful now because the priest said it was Kadek’s destiny.

Almost all my customers where Australians before the bomb, now most customers are Japanese, Australian and Canadian.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?: Let God judge you, only God can take someone’s life, why do you take someone’s life?

What would you say to tourists considering coming to Bali?: Bali is safe. Foreigners say ‘we love Bali, of course we come back’.