Miss July from Circle K Jalan Legian

Name:Miss July


Place of work:Circle K Jalan Legian & Poppies II

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?

I was changing shifts from the evening to midnight. I was at the back of the shop in the storeroom area. I heard a blast but it wasn’t too loud. Everyone is shouting so I stayed inside and everything is dark as the power went out. All the customers ran away. I saw many dead bodies in front of the store and in the road. Everything is dark outside but I could still see the dead people. Circle K is also used to pile up dead the bodies.

I wanted to run away in case the fire will get the store.




I wanted to go home and went down Jalan Legian towards Poppies Lane I, but I turned around when I saw the piles of dead bodies the locals and police had stacked down the street. I took Poppies II to the beach. On the way home I am stepping on hands and other body parts.

I didn’t know anyone who was killed in the bombing but a friend who works at the Poppies II Circle K was traumatized.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:

It’s a terrible thing you did. I want to burn them the same as they did to the tourists.

What would you say to tourists considering coming to Bali?:

I want Bali back to normal, full of tourists to earn money.