May I sit here?

I'm struggling with which category to put this entry…

Nick and I went for a walk down by the Ocean yesterday arvo cuz I wanted to have a few Bintang’s near the ocean. We strolled into a Hotel because the sign said, “Happy Hour 25% Off”. We were sold.

The place was practically empty as we ordered 2 beers. Before too long, a lady came up to us and was looking me straight in the eye. She said,

“May I sit here?” Keep in mind, this was a seat at our table with only 3 seats.

I smiled and politely and said “no”. She turned to Nick and asked the same thing. Thankfully he said “no” as well.




When she came up, I suspected she might be on “the game”, if you know what I mean. She was a petite woman, moderately attractive, and we were at a slightly upscale hotel. A prime spot for her and we were potentially prime targets. 2 white guys, baseball caps, clueless looks in our eyes. You know the story.

She proceeded to sit at the table next to us and tell us how she was poor and that she wanted to “spend the night” with us. Wow! Even though I have been to Asia before, I never had been propositioned like this before. (All folks that have been to Thailand, please share your experience(s) in comments below)

Nick and I always said “no, we don’t have money, we don’t want to do this, we are not your target market, etc.” At that point, the more attention we gave her by saying “no”, the more encouraged she was. So Nick and I decided to not talk to her anymore and not make eye contact with her.

Within 15 minutes she left.

Nick and I discussed it after she left. We imagine that lots of Western folks with money would probably dig a situation like that and that she will still get a piece of business tonight. Being that she looked not that young, we figured she probably did not start a few weeks ago and has been in business for a while. I imagine the story of her life would be an interesting one.